It is KEL’ s philosophy to reward outstanding performances.The company always considers promotion of its employees to the next ranks subject to availability and the employee so promoted will have to prove that he / she is worthy of the responsibilities, which the new job entails.

The Company awards the following five types of Rewards to their employees:

Employee of the year

Employee of the year reward is awarded against the performance of specific assigned targets.This performance is gauged not only on the basis of employee performance but its ultimate results are also measured
while finalizing one 's nomination for the said reward.

Achievement Reward

This reward is given on the achievement of special assigned targets.The criteria to gauge the performance is the end result of the assigned target.

Performance Reward

Performance reward is given against the extra ordinary performance of an employee as per his job description.If an employee comes up with a proposal, which results in to improve the efficiency of work or machines output, then he is considered
for the reward on the depth of the proposal application of efficiency.

Long Stay Relationship Reward

This reward is given on completion of 10 years service with the company and then onward this will be given on the completion of every five year starting from the service 15 years.

Recognition Reward

This reward is given on special personal achievement of an employee.The purpose of awarding such reward is to recognize the personal achievement of an employee & motivate him / her to keep developing himself / herself however such achievements must be beneficial to meet company’ s overall objective.