Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Community Welfare

The Company in honoring its commitment with Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR), is supporting the neighboring community in health and education.The CSR program comprises of free medical treatment and free education facility for the deserving residents of the vicinity area of the power plant

Free Medical Facility

One of the CSR program, is free medical treatment facility being provided to the deserving people living in the neighboring villages of the power plant.A qualified doctor and its nursing staff are taking care of the patients with full devotion and dedication.There are 22 villages to which the Company is providing such facility.The said villages have been divided into 4 zones.Company’ s own ambulance visits specified area of every zone alternatively and the patients are picked up to bring at medical center established adjacent to the plant.After treatment the patients are dropped back to their pickup points.During the financial year 2016 - 17 more than fourteen thousand deserving patients were provided with the free medical treatment at a cost of Rs.6.144 million.

Education Facility

The second CSR program is giving free education to the deserving children of the neighboring community.This facility includes teaching, and provision of textbooks and uniform to all the students for free of cost.At present 263 students are being befitted from this facility.The earliest batch of students has passed out secondary school certificate.Two of the matriculation students have shown remarkable performance and have scored 1055 and 1021 marks respectively from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Lahore.The said shining girl students shall also be provided with support for their further education.During the year the Company has contributed Rs.6.984 million on account of education facility,