Code of Conduct

We are serving the nation through Power Industry and committed to represent the ethical responsibilities of plant operations. In recognition of this, our commitment reflects the following value statements.



As a shareholder, director and employee, we all are passionate to our contents and strive to be model of the principles. It is an organization of people who are united to achieve the common goal. We are accountable for all our actions both individually and as a company. We act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in the way we conduct our business and in the way we live and act.



We realize the importance of the human life and company’s all other resources. We are committed, all the time, to the safe and reliable operations of our power complex, and to the incident-free workplace. We ensure that this commitment shall remain one of our utmost priorities.



We are persistent about delivering our promises to the customers as our success comes only with the success of our customers. We carried out jobs keeping in view the satisfaction of our internal and external customers. We believe in cost effective quality of work with the aim of excellence in everything.



We value the safety, security and peace of mind of our employees. We recognize and affirm the unique and intrinsic worth of each individual and treat all with compassion and kindness. We value treating each individual with an attitude of mutual respect, caring attention and fairness.



We embrace progress and growth as the life blood of our organization that gives us the freedom to fulfill our vision and mission. This includes company’s growth as well as the career growth of the employees.



We value and promote teamwork by providing a work environment that helps to recognize the benefits of the individual and collective wisdom which is achieved through empowering the employees to create and act based upon the highest level of ethical conduct.



We strive to enhance the quality of life of our surrounding community and set the precedent for the corporate sector to recognize the responsibilities. We value the promotion of mutual trust between the community and corporate sector.
We observe strict compliance in the organization discipline with respect to all the company values, codes, rules and regulations .


Conduct of the Employees

Employees shall strictly comply with the code of conduct as stated the following:
  • Employees are expected to be regular in attendance and punctual in time keeping.
  • We expect our employees to be courteous, polite, helpful and proactive in attending to external customers. As for internal customers, we expect courtesy, polite behavior and timely response to their information.
  • We expect our employees to demonstrate a high level of integrity, loyalty and honesty in execution of their assigned responsibilities.
  • Every employee is responsible to abide by the company’s rules and regulations instituted from time to time. Non-compliance of the same is considered a breach of discipline and employees are referred for disciplinary action.
  • No KEL employee shall disclose any information contrary to the company interest.
  • No KEL employee shall take up a course of study at educational institutions without the prior permission of his appointing authority. Permission is granted only when if the competent authority is satisfied that pursuance of the studies would not disturb the performance of the employee.
  • Any employee shall not undertake any other employment without the permission of Executive Secretariat.
  • No KEL employee shall engage in business activity similar to KEL, either personally or through any other person except with the permission of Executive Secretariat.
  • All employees will ensure the safety and proper use of company assets in their possession as a part of benefit or for accomplishment of duties.
  • Without prejudice to other provisions contained in these rules, an employee who is guilty of misconduct, or who commits a breach of any company rules, displays negligence, inefficiency, or indolence, or who knowingly does anything detrimental to the interest of the company, or who contravenes instructions issued to him / her in connection with his/her official work, or commits a violation of discipline or any rule or regulation or scandalizes any other employee of the company or is guilty of any act of omission or commission, lack of decorum, respect and dignity, shall be liable the disciplinary action.